Anatomical Atlas
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Anatomical Atlas

Illustrative of
The Structure
The Human Body
By Henry H. Smith, M.D.
Fellow of the College of Physicians, member of the Philadelphia Medical Society &o.
Under the Supervision of William E. Hoerner, M.D.,
Professor of Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania.

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Anatomical Atlas
Published in 1867. This book has beautiful plates of all the anatomical features of the human body. The artist will find it useful both in the study of anatomy and for the care and detail which has gone into the execution of the plates.
From the Preface:
In the performance of the duty which has been confided in me, of forming a set of Plates as an accompaniment to the text of the work entitled, "Special Anatomy and Histology, by Wm. E. Hoerner, M.D.," but which should, at the same time, be so extended and general, as to be consulted by all desiring teh use of a complete set of Anatomical Plates, the present colume is now offered.
To the attention bestowed on the plates by the artists employed in their execution, is due much to their fidelity. The original drawings, as well as those which are copies in reduced form, are from the pencils of Messrs. Pinkerton, French and Weaver, gentlemen now most favourably known in this department of Anatomy. To say that the engravings are in Mr. Gilbert's best style. is a sufficient guarantee of their beauty, his name being now identified with soem of the finest wood engravings made in this country.

"...I am recommending your site to all of my colleagues. We do special effects for motion pictures and t.v. and extensively use anatomical reference for our work. The newer anatomy books just don't have the same qualities..."
-David Beneke

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