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Anatomical Diagrams

For the Use of Art Students
James M. Dunlop A.R.C.A.
Antique and Life Class Master and Lecturer on Artistic Anatomy in the Glasgow School of Art
Seventy-one easy to understand color diagrams.

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Anatomical Diagrams for the Use of Art Students
Published in 1899. This book has clear diagrams showing the positions and names of muscles and bones. An artist who wishes to practice figure drawing or understand the movement of the human body for animation will do well to study how muscles interact with the bone structure.
From the introduction by John Cleland, Professor of Anatomy in the University of Glasgow:
Two of the sets of considerations most important to the Artist will easily be seen to be, one, the part played by the skeleton in determining the external form, and another, the precise extent and attachments of superficial muscles, together with the disposition of muscular fibre and tendon in individual muscles. It is principally to these two considerations the Mr. Dunlop directs attention in the following pages, appealing tothe eye, instead of depending on description; and it appears to me that the method he has selected, and the manner in which he has carried it out, provide for the Art Student a singularly compendious and desirable book, easily consulted, and occupying ground which has hitherto not been taken up.
A timeless introduction to human anatomy for the artist. $3.95

A timeless introduction to human anatomy for the artist.


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