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Raye Burns Cartooning Course 1938  Popular 1938 Popular Mechanics Ad

The Course of Cartooning

By Raye Burns
Parts 1 and 2

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The Course of Cartooning - Part 1

Part 1 - The Morgue, Pen and Ink Lines. Heads, Expressions, Hands, Feet, Bodies, Action, Wrinkles, Women, Shading, Shadows, Exaggerated action, and Kids.

34 pages including 17 full page illustrations with multiple examples on each page, and 4 additional illustrations.

From the Foreword:

In studying this Course, there are several points which the student, who aspires to some day become a cartoonist, MUST keep in mind.

Contrary to common opinion, one does not have to be BORN a cartoonist, any one with the desire to learn to draw who is willing to apply himself to learning the simple elements and basic principles of drawing (and these are easier to master than it may seem at first sight.) and devote at least five hours of PRACTICE a week to the following lessons, can positively become a good cartoonist in a comparatively short time.

Above all things DON'T try to rush through the lessons and the required drawings. Remember that every point mentioned and every illustration is there for a purpose and it is absolutely essential, through constant study of the. text and PRACTICE, that. the principles contained in these exerc.ises should gradually become almost a part ot your mind if you are to become a proficient cartoonist.

Only through slow, careful study can you reach this stage Speed comes with experience, and. experience is gained only through practice. practices and more practice.

Another thing, don't try to learn All the lessons at once study and PRACTICE each one until you have mastered it, then go on to the next and so on Before you can learn to make a complete drawing, you must learn how to construct figures how. to put them in action, the other details in a drawing composition, etc. and this can be done only step by step.

The Course of Cartooning - Part 2

Part 2 -Perspective, Cartoon Details, Animals, Symbolic Figures, Caricaturing, Anatomy, Composition, Cartoon Lettering, Comic Strips, Sport Cartoons, Getting Ideas, Selling Your Work.

29 pages including 14 full page illustrations with multiple examples on each page.


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