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Figure Drawing

Home Course in Fashion Art

by Ruth Conerly

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Home Course in Fashion Art

This was one of many popular home study courses published to give the public access to the art and craft of drawing. This one was published in 1939 and distributed by newspapers across the country,

The text is clear and provides drawing and painting tips that are useful to any aspriing artist but particularly to someone interested in fashion illustration.


FASHION ART is one of the better-paid professions. With newspapers, magazines, mail-order catalogues, department stores, and pecialty shops, requiring thousands of fashion illustrations annually, there is always work for the good fashion artist. This book gives you practical instruction in this fascinating and profitable art. Simply and clearly it explains Composition, Figure Balance, Foreshortening, Perspective, Light and Shade, Tone Composition, Wash, and Pen Technique. A unique visualizing method helps you achieve deftness and accuracy in drawing the human figure. Many leading fashion artists began their studies at home. A liking for the work combined with the will to study and practice faithfully can carry you far on the road to a successful art career.

Proportions of the Human Figure
Visualizing Method
Figure Balance
Hands and Feet
Light and Shade
Tone Composition
Furs in Wash
Fabrics in Wash
Practice Poses


THE FIRST factor in fashion drawing is composition. It governs all other elements that go to make up the finished picture. Composition, as it relates to fashion drawing, is rhythm and charm the carriage of the head, the action of the eyes, the slant of the shoulders, the movement of the hips, the forming of a complete current of action through the figure, the harmonious grouping of two or more figures.

We often make the mistake of calling an artist a good draughtsman because his arrangement of figures is pleasing to the eye, although in reality they might be poorly drawn. On the other hand, a good anatomist's work may be lifeless in spite of the fact that he knows every bone and muscle in the body. Your ability to see and assimilate, plus imagination, will enable you to obtain interesting and striking effects.

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