Drawing and Painting the Clothed Figure
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The Figure in Repose

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This book is a companion to Elements of Figuredrawing.

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The Figure in Repose. Drawing from Special Studies and Photographs.

If you want to learn to draw the figure in the traditional manner, I would recommend this E-book. It is worth far more than the 4 bucks it costs.

il pittore, The Society of Figurative Arts Forum - http://tsofa.com

From the Introduction:
The proportions and framework of the human figure have now been thoroughly learned, and will serve as a necessary foundation for the work of making drawings from the human figure, which will be the purpose of the training givenin this Section and the following one. For convenience the training in figure drawing will be divided into two parts; first, training is given in drawing the figure in repose, and later drawing the figure in action.
A figure is in repose when it is at rest and its proportions may be readily plotted, and when foreshortening need not be considered to asny great degree. Standing, seated, and recumbentor prostate figures are all examples of figures in this state. A characteristic of figures in repose is that they are well balanced about a central line of support and the center of gravity is not disturbed.
Drawing from special charcoal studies of the human figure is the propoer method for staring to draw the figure, because these studies are graded in such a way as to show the proper stages of making a drawing. When so understood, the use of such special studies cannot be considered as copy work, as the term is usually used, but they serve as a training in the proper method of working.


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