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Explicatio Tabularum Anatomicarum
by Bartolomeo Eustachi
35 Plates of the Original 48
Anatomia Per Uso et Intelligenza del Disegno
by Bernardino Genga
20 Plates of the Original 59
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Together these two works on anatomy form the basis for the entire modern study of anatomy, in addition both authors developed their knowledge and ability to communicate by teaching. Bernardino Genga taught art students at the French Academy at Rome, Eustachius taught anatomy at Sapienza which was reorganized as the Roman University by Pope Alexander VI.

Explicatio Tabularum Anatomicarum (Anatomical Engravings)
by Bartolomeo Eustachi
28 Plates of the Original 32

From Wikipedia:
First published in 1714 by G. M. Lancisi, and again in 1744 by Cajetan Petrioli, and again in 1744 by Bernhard Siegfried Albinus, and subsequently at Bonn in 1790, the engravings show that Eustachius had dissected with the greatest care and diligence, and taken the utmost pains to give just views of the shape, size and relative position of the organs of the human body. The fact that his book became a bestseller more than a century after his death shows the extent of the religious restrictions on anatomists all through the Renaissance.

Anatomia Per Uso et Intelligenza del Disegno
by Bernardino Genga
20 Plates of the Original 59

From Wikipedia:
Anatomia per Uso et Intelligenza del Disegno consists of 59 copperplate engravings of text and illustrations printed on one side only. After the engraved title is a plate with allegorical emblems of death. Of the illustrated plates, the first 23 deal with osteology and myology drawn from Genga's anatomical preparations. The remainder consists of representations of antique statues viewed from different angles, including the Farnese Hercules, the Laoco÷n (without his sons), the Borghese Gladiator, the Borghese Faun, the Venus de Medici, the Youth Pulling a Thorn from his Foot, and the Amazon of the House of Cesi. A variant of this work lacks the final three images and contains the words "libro primo" on the engraved title, though there was never a libro "secundo" published.

Every artist should be familiar with these works.

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Get your own copy of the English Translation at Anatomy improv'd and illustrated: With regard to the uses thereof in designing not only laid down from an examen of the bones and muscles of the human ... the most celebrated antique statues in Rome

Also at Anatomy Improv'd and Illustrated...

At a 1970 reprint Tabulae Anatomicae... Praefatione, Notisque illustravit, ac ipso

Tabulae Anatomicae icon See the copies for sale at Alibris. There are both 1714 editions and modern reprints.

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Similar Works - Anatomie des Menschen
by Anton Elfinger also known as the political cartoonist Cajetan
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