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An Elementary Course in Free Hand Geometrical Drawing

By S. Edward Warren, C.E.

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An Elementary Course in Free Hand Geometrical Drawing
For Schools, and for The Training of The Eye and Hand Destined to Mechanical Pursuits and Arts of Geometrical Design. With Chapters on Lettering and on Geometric Symbolism.
By S. Edward Warren, C.E.
Drawn in 1897 - 1898.

60 pages, introduction, preface and numerous drawings throughout.

Geometrical Drawing Geometrical Drawing Geometrical Drawing Geometrical Drawing

Geometrical Drawing Geometrical Drawing Geometrical Drawing Geometrical Drawing

This could serve as a companion book to Freehand Drawing.

CHAPTER I. Exercises on directions of straight lines .
  • First principles
  • Materials
  • Directions
  • Single lines
  • Parallels
  • Opposite lines
  • Double lines
    CHAPTER II. Elementary and practical exercises on right angles
  • Principles
  • Examples of single lines at right angles, with sides horizontal and vertical
  • With sides oblique
  • Right angles
  • Pairs of parallels at right angles. The pairs horizontal and vertical
  • The pairs in oblique positions
  • Practical examples
    CHAPTER III Distances, and division of straight lines
  • Principles
  • Exercises in marking off a given distance. Ex. (42-44)...
  • Division of lines into equal parts. Ex. (45-49)
    CHAPTER IV. Circles, and their divison
  • Principles
  • Examples. Circles and Arcs. Lx. (50-53)
  • Division of circles. Ex. (54-59)
    CHAPTER V. Proportional ang1e .
  • Principles
  • Elementary examples. Ex. (60-65)
  • Practical examples. Ex. (66-68)
    CHAPTER VI. Figures bounded by straight lines
  • Principles
  • Elementary examples. Ex. (69-77)
  • Practical examples. Ex. (78-80)
    CHAPTER VII. Curves, and curved objects in general. Ex. (81-94)
    CHAPTER VIII. Lettering
  • General principles
  • Roman capitals
  • Letters in general. Their classification and construction
  • Practical remarks
    CHAPTER IX. Geometric symbolism
  • Definitions
  • Geometric illustrations. The straight line, circle, ellipse, hyperbola, parabola, spirals, conchoid
  • From the preface:
    In geometrical, or mechanical drawing, exclusive reliance for accuracy may, in theory, be placed on good drawing instruments. Practically, these instruments are not absolutely perfect as means to the ends to be accomplished by them, and from this, and momentary negligences of the draftsman, they are not infallible in accuracy of operation. But, viewing the eye and hand simply as instruments for executing conceptions of form, they are incomparably more perfect and varied in their capacities in this respect than drafting instruments; and well directed practice should, and will, bring out this capacity. Hence, other things being the same, he will be the most expert and elegant draftsman, whose eye is most reliable in it estimates of form and size, and whose free hand is most skilled in expressing these elements of figure. Accordingly, in harmony with the law of easy gradations and connecting links which pervades nature, we find a special branch of free drawing which is peculiarly well adapted for a preliminary training of the eye and hand of the geometrical draftsman. This training consists simply in drawing various single and combined geometrical lines and figures, of various forms and sizes, by the unassisted hand; and constitutes a connecting link between ornamental free drawing and instrumental drawing.

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