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Figure Painting in Water Colours

by Contemporary British Artists

with a Foreword by George Sheringham,
edited by Geoffrey Holme

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Figure Painting in Water Colours
24 Colored Plates And a Forword.

FromThe Dublin Magazine: A Quarterly Review of Literature, Science and Art edited by Seumas O'Sullivan: "A striking study in technique. Men like Brangwyn, Orpen, and Sargent show that the figure can be made to live in water-colour. Wrapper Edition 7s. 6d. Cloth Edition 10s. 6d."
1. Sweet Violets. By Anna Airy, R.E., R.I.
2. A Lady of the Court. By John Austen
3. Cafe Scene. By Walter Bayes, A.R.W.S.
4. Building the Ricks. By Frank Brangwyn, R.A., A.R.W.S.
5. Caravans. By Frank Brangwyn, R.A., A.R.W.S.
6. Decorative Panel. By Edmund Dulac
7. The Chinese Mirror. By W. Russell Flint, R.W.S.,R.S.W.
8. Ventures. By W. Russell Flint, R.W.S., R.S.W.
9. Tattle, a half-wilted Beau - Design for a stage dress. By C. Lovat Fraser
10. Every woman shall borrow of her neighbour, and of her that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment. By D. W. Hawksley, R.I.
11. Dorcas. By D. W. Hawksley, R.I.
12. Dogs and Children. By Laura Knight, A.R.W.S.
13. Peasants. By Henry Lamb
14. Days of Yore. By A. J. Munnings, A.R.A., A.R.W.S.
15. The Piper. By A. J. Munnings, A.R.A., A.R.W.S.
16. Study for the central figures of A Western Wedding. By Sir William Orpen, K.B.E., R.A., R.I.
17. Bargains at Caledonian Market. By H. Davis Richter, R.I.
18. Le Reveil. By F. Cayley Robinson, A.R.A., R.W.S.
19. The Bargello. By Henry Rushbury, A.R.W.S.
20. The Maypole in Dorset Decoration on silk for a screen. By Albert Rutherston
21. Miss Eliza Wedgwood with Miss Sargent sketching. By John S. Sargent, R.A., Hon. R.S.A., R.W.S.
22. The Bather. By Randolph Schwabe
23. The new Lodgers. By Claude A. Shepperson, A.R.A., A.R.W.S.
24. Pytheas buys Amber. By Olive Carleton Smyth

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