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How to Draw Color

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The Theory and Practice of Color
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complementary colors
The Theory of Color,Dr. Wilhelm von Berzold

Pairs and Triads.

interaction of color interaction of color interaction of color
The Theory of Color,Dr. Wilhelm von Berzold
Example of the interaction of color as it appears in the eye. In the first image the two red disks appear the same. In the second the top disk appears darker. The last image is of the actual disks without the similar or complimentary overlays.

Water Color, International Library of Technology

When two or more complimentary colors are mixed gray tones result.
a. Crimson, new blue and yellow ochre.
b. Orange and green.
c. Burnt sienna and blue.
d. Gamoge, new blue and crimson.
e. New blue and orange.
f. Burnt sienna and new blue.
g. Gamboge, new blue and crimson.
h. Crimson and green.
i. Vandyke brown and green.

International Library of Technology, Pen & Ink, Water Color Rendering, Drawing From Nature, Cast and the Figure (International Library of Technology) Buy a copy at

Interaction of Color: Revised and Expanded Edition

Watercolor Artist's Guide to Exceptional Color

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Watercolor Painting Techniques

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Figure Painting In Watercolor

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