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How to Draw Expression

Ebooks about drawing. A library of rare and valuable figure drawing ebooks in PDF format.
Learn to draw with these examples from collectible drawing books.

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Pencil Drawing for Fun

Fury, Fear, Annoyance, Anger, Melancholy and Worry.
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The School of Raphael: The Student's Guide to Expression in Historical Painting
This book was the published to demonstrate the range of human expression. This was a popular study in the eighteenth century. In the seventeenth century Charles LeBrun published his Methode pour apprendre a dessiner les passions. This was becoming outdated because of the new interest in classicism. Benjamin Ralph published this book which was based on tracings, and drawings of Nicholas Dorigny and the engravings made of them by a number of accomplished French engravers working under his direction of the famous cartons that Raphael made to be manufactured into tapestries for the Sistine Chapel. Buy an e-book.

how to draw expression
Pencil Drawing for Fun

Surprise, Suspicion, Disgust, Horror, Disdain, Remorse, Anticipation, Elation, Enjoyment, Delight, Glee and Hilarity
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The All American Art of Cartooning, By Bert Cholet
Composure, Smile, Grin, Laugh, Wonder, Surprise, Disappointment, Irritation, Agitation, Aggressive, Anger, Meekness, Disdain, Discouragement, and Grogginess.

Drawing Made Easy, By Charles Lederer
Servility, Smirk, Smile, Jopy, Grin, Laugh, Guffaw, Ecstasy, Bewilderment, Wonder, Awe, and Surprise.

Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists
The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression
Facial Expressions Babies to Teens: A Visual Reference for Artists

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