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How to Draw Proportions

Ebooks about drawing. A library of rare and valuable figure drawing ebooks in PDF format.
Learn to draw with these examples from collectible drawing books.
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The Sculptor and Art Student's Guide to the Proportions of the Human Form

Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) On Human Proportion

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From Modern Illustrating, A correspondence course, 1927 Federal Schools
Modern Illustrating. Including Cartooning. Division 6 at

Horse Anatomy - A Handbook for Artists Comprising the Study of the Proportion and Action of the Horse as Compared to Man.
At Horse anatomy;: A handbook for artists, comprising the study of the proportion, structure and action of the horse as compared to man by Lewis S. Brown.
This unusual book was a long term project and a labor of love by Lewis Brown. It is the compilation of hundreds of pieces of information and measurements turned into drawings comparing man to the horse and other drawings of the horse in motion.

Proportions of the male figure deutsches proportions modell

From an 1919 volume on the drawing Die Handzeichnung. Ihre Techunk und Entwicklung., by Joseph Meder.
DIE HANDZEICHNUNG : Ihre Technik und Entwicklung (zweite, verbesserte auflage)., another copy.
Mastery of Drawing, English reprint from 1978.

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